Our Team


Fit4Baby/Stroller Strides Certified, Jan. 2016

Run Club Certified, May 2016

Body Back Certified, Sept. 2016

Hi! I’m Nicole, I am a mom to Autumn(3½) and Emmrie (2) and pregnant with our third girl! I have been with Fit4Mom for nearly 3 years, and have loved EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. of my time within this amazing village of women. Fitness has always been an important aspect in my life, but having kids made staying fit a tough struggle. When I joined my first franchise, I instantly knew I would be able to stay balanced in my efforts to be a fit mom and meet my kids needs.

Brentwood has embraced this village and has made running a franchise such a dream. Each day I am surrounded by like minded women, mothers and children. No judgement, excited to workout and enjoying the road of motherhood.

I love this program! I love that I can work with other moms everyday that care about health and fitness, as well as want to set strong examples for their littles.