Recorded Workouts

Cardio Push & Core Blast

Total Body Conditioning with Steph

Barre with Steph

Body Boost with Stephanie

Cardio & Upper Body with Steph

Total Body Blast with Steph

Total Body Conditioning & Fired up Core with Step

Cardio & Lower Body Focus with Steph

Barre with Stephanie

Body Boost with Steph

Cardio & Core Focus with Steph

Cardio & Core

Chair workout with Natalie

Body Boost with Natalie

Cardio & Upper Body Focus

5min Warm Up/ Barre with Stephanie

Never Miss a Monday Cardio & Core!

Barre Burn with Steph!

Cardio & Lower Body Focus

Burning Barre with Steph

Cardio, Strength & Core!

Cardio Push & Lower Focus BURN!!!

Cardio & Core Go Rounds

Burnin' Barre

Cardio and Upper Body Push

Bye Bye Bye 2020 Barre with Steph

Cardio & Upper Body Blast New Years class

Friday Barre Burn!

Cardio and Lower Body Party!

Barre Sesh with Steph!

Quick 30 minutes, Cardio & Core!

Friday Barre with Steph

Express 15 Total Body Conditioning

Express 15 Upper Body Focus

Cardio & Core focus!

Barre with Steph (volume is zero for the first few minutes of warm up! But the issue is corrected quickly)

Express 15, Total Body Conditioning

Express 15 Core Focus

Barre Sesh with Steph!

March: Express 15 Cardio Push

March: 15 Min Express Lower Body Focus

March: Bangin' Barre Burn

March: Fired Up Core & Upper Body

March: Total Body Conditioning Express 15

MARCH: Upper Body Blast Express 15

APRIL: BARRE 45 Min. + Upper + Cardio

APRIL: Total Body Weights + Cardio


MAY: Lower Body Express Class

MAY: Fired Up Core Express Class

MAY: Upper Body Express Class

MAY: Cardio Push Express Class

MAY: Total Body Conditioning + Weights!