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Getting LOW!

As my kids and I were out for our regular Tuesday run, a few thoughts crossed my mind. Autumn was shouting at me to "Run faster Mom!!" and Emmrie was squealing with delight as the wind blew in her hair. I started thinking how amazing it felt that I could make this run happen. When my first was born I was lucky to squeeze a 15 minute walk around the block in. When Fit4Mom came into my life, the "squeezing exercise in" completely changed. Stroller Strides classes meant me and my child doing something really fun together. Yes there were THOSE mornings, when it was ALOT of work to get to class but the minute I was there, surrounded with other moms who also hadn't slept or showered, I felt at ease. Autumn was being entertained by the songs, her friends and watching me.

This got me thinking of my new village of moms who jumped in head first, SO QUICKLY! There are many them who have been to class EVERY SINGLE DAY since our Grand Opening. WOW! They have literally jumped right into this program. They are already pushing themselves with each movement I ask of them, finding...


The FIT4MOM Manifesto

In recent posts, you have heard us talk about our WHY as we believe that it is even more powerful than WHAT we do. Our why is to give women the strength for motherhood, at any stage of motherhood. What we do (our programs) serve as proof of what we believe in. We created our own manifesto as our declaration of what FIT4MOM believes, stands for and will offer you! This is who we are and this is what we believe in. Yes, we are a fitness program. But we are here to help you make strides in fitness, motherhood and life. We commit to you, in every class, to give you the strength for motherhood, and here's how we are going to do it!


I stole this awesome blog post from another Stroller Strides mama:

It has been 43 days since my family and I moved to Louisiana. (But who’s counting, right?) Even so, my toddler hasn’t stopped asking to go to Stroller Strides® or stopped demonstrating her squats or wall sits (yes, I’m serious). Not only that, but she still asks for her friends in addition to the moms we used to see at class regularly.

It hurts a little less each time.

To think back at just how much Stroller Strides® was a part of our lives for the last year and half, it’s no wonder that we miss it terribly. But of course, it’s not just the classes we miss. It’s the people we were surrounded by each and every morning. The moms, the kids, and the energy.

It is a special thing to have an opportunity to meet women who are of the same mindset as you are and it takes someone special to be a Stroller Strides® mom. Yes, there are plenty of other fitness options out there. There are gyms. There are studios. There are different groups and coaching programs.

But there is nothing that compares...


Keeping this kiddos safe and in the stroller is not only important for mom and baby but it's also a nation wide Fit4Mom policy!

In The Stroller Please!

It's inevitable, class is coming to an end and your child has had enough..."I want out!" she screams. While we know it's sometimes tempting to let your little one out during class, we are urging you to be mindful of Stroller Strides’ nation-wide policy of keeping children safely secured in the stroller for the duration of class. It is very likely that a child could be injured by a snapping exercise tube or a falling stroller, especially if mom is distracted by the exercise she is performing.

For your child's safety and your peace of mind, please adhere to our policy and assure her that she can get out AFTER our last and most important stretch – a smile. That’s when we let the children run and play, after the tubes have been put away and mom can focus her attention on her child. It only takes one child out of the stroller to set off a chorus of...