From a fellow Stroller Strides mama

I stole this awesome blog post from another Stroller Strides mama:

It has been 43 days since my family and I moved to Louisiana. (But who’s counting, right?) Even so, my toddler hasn’t stopped asking to go to Stroller Strides® or stopped demonstrating her squats or wall sits (yes, I’m serious). Not only that, but she still asks for her friends in addition to the moms we used to see at class regularly.

It hurts a little less each time.

To think back at just how much Stroller Strides® was a part of our lives for the last year and half, it’s no wonder that we miss it terribly. But of course, it’s not just the classes we miss. It’s the people we were surrounded by each and every morning. The moms, the kids, and the energy.

It is a special thing to have an opportunity to meet women who are of the same mindset as you are and it takes someone special to be a Stroller Strides® mom. Yes, there are plenty of other fitness options out there. There are gyms. There are studios. There are different groups and coaching programs.

But there is nothing that compares to Stroller Strides® or the women who attend these classes.

The moms who attend Stroller Strides® are warm. They’re welcoming. They’re committed to being the best versions of themselves for their families. They have a sense of humor. They’re strong.

They’re real.

I had to talk myself into attending classes at a local fitness studio here in Louisiana and while I have been enjoying the classes, do you know how many people speak to me?


The instructor.

Does anybody know I have two children, a basset hound who doesn’t stop shedding, and a husband who wears a hoodie to work out in 93 degrees? Do I know if the other women at class have kids or enjoy donuts as much as I do? Does anybody know I have a slightly embarrassing addiction to Bravo? Does anyone know my toddler loves to sing her ABCs while planking or that my 3 month old sweats like an old man?


Can I roll my eyeballs at the instructor or laugh my way through a really challenging barre sequence? Can I mutter stuff under my breath and wince through a half-smile at the lady next to me? Can I randomly ask the lady next to me for her tried and true diaper rash remedy? Tell her that I didn't sleep the night before or that potty training my toddler is torture?

Yes, but I’ll look like a nut.

Stroller Strides® is more than just a fitness class. It’s a community.

To our Stroller Strides® moms & instructors, thank you for being such positive examples. To your families. And to me. You helped me maintain sanity during bed rest. During the early days of Jack’s birth. During my move to Louisiana.

You are my friends and the women I have come to look up to. I only hope that other new moms have an opportunity to experience even just a fraction of what I did. You made me stronger, you made me happy, and you made me a better mom to my kiddos. And that is something I'll never forget. You are priceless.