Getting LOW!


As my kids and I were out for our regular Tuesday run, a few thoughts crossed my mind. Autumn was shouting at me to "Run faster Mom!!" and Emmrie was squealing with delight as the wind blew in her hair. I started thinking how amazing it felt that I could make this run happen. When my first was born I was lucky to squeeze a 15 minute walk around the block in. When Fit4Mom came into my life, the "squeezing exercise in" completely changed. Stroller Strides classes meant me and my child doing something really fun together. Yes there were THOSE mornings, when it was ALOT of work to get to class but the minute I was there, surrounded with other moms who also hadn't slept or showered, I felt at ease. Autumn was being entertained by the songs, her friends and watching me.

This got me thinking of my new village of moms who jumped in head first, SO QUICKLY! There are many them who have been to class EVERY SINGLE DAY since our Grand Opening. WOW! They have literally jumped right into this program. They are already pushing themselves with each movement I ask of them, finding techniques to keep their babies happy on top of what we do in class, and spreading the word about out amazing program. This thought alone truly inspired me and brought tears to my eyes all in the same thought.

THANK YOU for joining me in this CRAZY, FUN and SUPPORTIVE Village!!!